• Christmas Morning Lemon Cake

    Posted on December 16, 2012 by in Celebrations, Christmas, Recipes

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    Lemon Cake

    Christmas is always a special season. If I close my eyes, I see the candle lights, I hear the Christmas carols, but most of all I smell the scent of ginger, orange peal, roasted meat and sweet red wine. This Lemon Cake, completes the Christmas occasion in a beautiful way. Served on Christmas morning with warm aromatic tea, hot chocolate or the ever favourite deep and passionate coffee, nothing can be more bright, more homey and more right than sharing the moment with the ones we love.


    1. 250g self-raizing flour
    2. 220g butter
    3. 250g caster sugar
    4. 2 vanillas
    5. 4 eggs
    6. The zest of one lemon

    For the Royal Icing

    1. 1 medium free-range egg white
    2. 225g pouder sugar
    3. The juice of half a lemon


    1. Melt the butter.

    2. Whisk the melted butter, the sugar, lemon zest and the vanilla. Gradually, one by one, add the eggs continuously whisking. Whisk in the flour adding a little bit at a time.

    3. Grease and flour the backing dish. Pour over the apple cake mixture.

    5. Bake in the oven for 50 minutes on 175C. Let the cake cool for 2 minutes then take it out of the backing tin.

    6. When the cake has completely cooled, make the royal icing by mixing the egg white, the powder sugar and the lemon juice. Pour generously over the cake and let it harden for 30 minutes.