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  • Spring Salad

    Posted on September 10, 2017 by in Recipes, Salads

    Late spring and all the senses and rejoicing with the coming summer. We long for walks on the beach, summer night dancing parties, abandons of delicious fruits and salads. This simple late spring dish has all the hopes of the days to come. Beetroot and carrot, meet fresh salad leaves and herbs, kissed by fresh […]

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  • Grilled Halloumi Cheese Salad

    Posted on June 6, 2015 by in Recipes, Salads

    Its early June. The days are pregnant with the heavy promise of summer, but the first bright-eyed, sun-kissed, warm-embracing day has not arrived yet. My soul is waiting. Waiting… to finally step out of the door without being greeted by the fresh morning chill, but by a happy blue sky instead. Waiting… for the touch […]

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  • Buffalo Mozzarella Salad

    Posted on October 19, 2014 by in Mains, Recipes, Salads

    Late August. Sunny terrace and a glass of chilled Chardonnay. The sky is beautifully bright and smiling but a gentle breeze reminds me of the changing season. Autumn is coming. Gloriously golden brown and gathering me home, in the warm, seated in my red arm-chair next to window, with a floral cup of tea and a […]

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  • Mediterranean Salad

    Posted on July 11, 2014 by in Recipes, Salads

    Summer holidays in my grandmother’s house. Sunshine and light, butterflies and flowers, fresh sweet strawberries and endless fun. My cousin and I were playing in the garden. My grandmother has just put buckets of water in the heat of the sun to get warm for our afternoon swimming pool play. I do not remember how […]

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  • Melon Prosciutto Rocket Salad

    Posted on April 21, 2014 by in Easter, Recipes, Salads, Starters

    Easter Sunday Lunch. What a delight to share this moment with close family and friends. I could still hear the teasing and the laughter, taste the flavour of the mouth watering melon and prosciutto we have sampled as a starter. Following tradition, I have originally intended to start the menu with white asparagus in egg […]

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