• Crust pastry cookies

    Posted on June 15, 2014 by in Desserts, Pastries, Recipes

    IMG_2071-300 Have you ever made a crust pastry for a cake, wondering what to do with the left over dough?

    Sophisticated professional chefs seem to suggest that freezing the remaining crust pastry dough for a second time use could be an evident option. I really do not mind freezing food. Anything that makes family life easy is a welcome convenience for me. However, in this particular instance, limited by our family constraints freezing is not really an alternative option for me for the simple reason that we do not have a freezer.

    Not inclined to waisting food, I roll out the pastry once more, while my cake is already baking in the oven and prepare a baking sheet of paper for some left over pastry cookies.

    Crust pastry is a wonderful base for being creative. What can be done to transform it into delicious cookies? I rummage through the kitchen cabinets examining my options and finally decide to keep things simple, by scattering colourfully sugar pearls on top of the cookies, pressing lightly with a spoon so they stick to the pastry. The end result are happy flower cookies that we enjoy as an in-between snack.

    Other options? Why not consider:

    • Scattering vanilla sugar on top of the cookies
    • Toping the cookies with dried fruits and nuts
    • Topping your cookies with coconut
    • Topping your cookies with almond flakes
    • Baking your cookies and glueing them in two with fruit jam
    • Baking your cookies and then dipping them in melted chocolate

    This is the crust pastry recipe that I usually use for all sorts of cakes but which particularly delicious for left over pastry cookies as well.


    For the crust pastry

    1. 250g flour
    2. 75g butter
    3. 90g sugar
    4. 1 Vanilla sugars (Dr. Oetker)
    5. 1 egg
    6. 1 pinch of salt