• Christmas Season

    Posted on December 21, 2012 by in Celebrations, Christmas

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    Christmas 600 V2

    It has began. The holidays are no longer a wistful anticipation they are here, all around us, glittering with light. From the Christmas market in the center of the city, the craziness in the shops, the carol song orchestra dressed like Santas entertaining the children in the park to the slightly stressful anxiety thinking of what to cook for the celebrations. The menu if already forming in my mind and my heart rejoices imagining the moment of triumph when the dishes will be ready. But beyond this care, at a moment of peace, a realisation gently comes to mind that Christmas altogether is about something else. Something deeper, something bright, something true and something light. And while the inevitable family party preparations may still play a central part of the event, a small voice within me is whispering to sit down, to rest, to remember the essentials, hoping that when all is done and the festivities are over, something within me will be reborn, I will be shining with a newer inner glow and will be ready, facing foreword, gracefully smiling to step into the new year.