• Christmas Day

    Posted on December 26, 2012 by in Celebrations, Christmas

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    Christmas 600

    Christmas day…

    All is set and ready. The presents, the dishes, the champagne glasses and the drinks…

    I still remember Christmas day being celebrated at the house of my grandparents, the festivity and cheer of all relatives coming together… So much time has passed, one generation handing over the traditions to another and yet, here we are carrying the same massage within us, celebrating with family on Christmas day.

    How touching and precious these moments are. Just sharing the moment, just stating through small gestures and big ones that we care, that we are one. Welcoming new members in the family, writing one more chapter in our history, creating memories and respecting traditions, preparing a foundation for the ones to come.

    I love Christmas day. No matter what happens to us during the year, for me it is one of these moments when all is left behind and only one thing left to say, that family matters, that we care and love one another, that we are all looking with gratitude and hope into the future, into the days to come.