• Pomegranate Apple Tart

    Posted on October 7, 2012 by in Desserts, Pastries, Recipes

    Apple cake

    My first sweet crust pastry, my first French vanilla pudding tart… There is so much pride and joy when a dream comes true. From the moment of gazing through the French pastry glass windows and marvaling the splendid display, to the moment of my heart whispering “I would like to learn to make one”, to the moment when the inspiration strikes and the confidence swirls me into motion actually making one.

    I remember someone saying once that creativity inspires creativity. A credit to all French vanilla pudding tarts, inspired by seasonal products, here is my loving creation, my dream come true, my first sweet crust pastry tart. It consists of sweet biscuit tart base, layered with pomegranate jelly, covered with vanilla pudding, topped with apples and pomegranate seeds.


    For the sweet crust pastry

    1. 160g plain flour, plus extra for dusting
    2. 1 package vanilla
    3. 1 medium egg
    4. 2tbs sugar
    5. 85g butter, chilled and diced
    6. Pinch of salt
    7. 2-3 tbs of cold water

    For the pomegranate jelly

    1. 1 pomegranate
    2. 2 gelatine leaves
    3. 3 tbs of sugar
    4. 50 ml of water

    For the vanilla pudding

    1. 500g milk
    2. 100g sugar
    3. 1 vanilla pudding package (Dr. Oetker)
    4. 1 egg

    For the topping

    1. 2 apples, thinly sliced and deseeded
    2. a few pomegranate seeds
    3. 1 lemon


    1. For the crust pastry: In a large bowl add the flour, sugar vanilla and salt. Add the butter and whisk until crumbles form. Add the egg and continue beating until incorporated. Add the water and continue mixing until the dough detaches and makes a ball. Take the dough and wrap it in a plastic wrap. Refrigerate for an hour. Take out of the fridge and let it rest for 30 min. Roll on a floured service, stretching the dough to the size of disk you would like to have big enough just to cover your tart form leaving a few centimetres over. Butter and flour the tart form and then place the dough disk over. Gently press the dough to perfectly fit the form. Cut off any excess dough pastry. Pre-heat the oven to 200C. Put the tart into the oven and bake for 10 min then take out and put kitchen pearls over the base of the pastry so it will not rise. Put the tart back into the oven and bake for additional 20 minutes until golden brown. Take out of the oven and let it cool completely.
    2. For the pomegranate jelly: Place in a bowl the seeds of one pomegranate. Taking a handful at a time, squeeze their juice in another bowl, until only the dry seeds remain. Leave a few of the pomegranates for the topping. Place the pomegranate juice, 50 ml of water and the sugar in a pan over a medium heat. Mix until the sugar has completely devolved and let it come to a boil. Meanwhile place 2 gelatine leaves in a deep soup dish full of cold water and let them soften for 5 minutes. When ready, add the gelatine leaves to the boiling pomegranate juice and mix until completely melted. Take off the fire and let cool completely. Select a flat surface round dish with approximately the same size as the size of the round tart form. Lightly grease the surface, than pour the cold pomegranate jelly and let it cool in the fridge for 1 hour.
    3. For the vanilla pudding: Pour 500ml of milk into a deep pan. Take one cup of milk from the mixture and pour over it the vanilla powder from the package. Mix well until well combined. Add one egg to the mixture and mix well. Meanwhile let the remaining milk come to a boil. Take it out of the fire and mixing continuous add the pudding mixture. Bring back to a gently fire and continue mixing until well incorporated and thickened. Take off the fire and let cool completely.
    4. Once the tart has completely cooled take it out of the form and place it on a plate. Once the pomegranate jelly has set, using a knife, scrape the round jelly from its form and place the jelly disk into the base of the tart. Pour over the completely cold vanilla pudding and spread evenly so it forms a smooth surface. Refrigerate overnight letting the vanilla pudding set completely.
    5. For the topping: Squeeze the juice of one lemon and adding 30ml of water place the liquid in a deep bowl. Without peeling the apples, slice them into thin layers and place them in the lemon and water bowl not to loose their colour. Once all apple slices have been cut, take them out of the water and place them over a kitchen paper to absorb the excess liquid. Take the tart out of the fridge and arrange the apple slices in a round form starting from the edge and moving into the center. Sprinkle the remaining pomegranate seeds over and the tart is ready to serve.