• Picnic Time

    Posted on May 28, 2012 by in Recipes, Salads

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    We love to picnic! There is something so irresistibly summer like to be out in the open field, having a meal sitting on the ground with the grass gently caressing the toes of your feet. Away from the busy working days, away from the cosiness at home, out there where nature breaths and flourishes. Being happy, being at peace, being one with the universe. No complications, just fun. No worries, just fun. No thinking, just fun. Hmm… the beauty of summer days.

    Our picnic table is quite light. A bottle of white wine, Italian tomato, basil and mozzarella salad, cold pasta salad and fresh, succulently ripe cherries.

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    The beauty of a picnic party is that we could be so versatile with the menu. Still, whenever the occasion will present itself to us to have a picnic, there is one all favorite meal that will always accompany our table – the cold pasta salad. Always the same, yet every time different, we simply let the inspiration of the moment take the lead, followed by the availability of ingredients stored in our house and the cold pasta salad eventually takes its form and taste. On this particular occasion, the combination of flavors is divine – sweep paprika, salty speck, sweet-sour half dried tomatoes and sweet-sour cucumbers, abundantly surrounded by delicious cold pasta – a real delight for the senses (especially accompanied by a glass of white wine).P 4 600


    Cold Pasta Salad


    1. 500g pasta
    2. 250g speck
    3. 2 red sweet paprikas
    4. 10 half-dry tomatoes
    5. 10 sweet sour cucumbers
    6. 2 tbsp mayonnaise


    1. Boil the pasta, drain it out of the water and let it cool completely.
    2. Bake the speck over a medium heat and once ready let it cool completely.
    3. Chop the sweet paprika, the half-dry tomatoes and the cucumbers into small peices.
    4. Mix the cold paster, the speck and all chopped ingredients together in a large bowl.
    5. Add 2 table spoons of mayonnaise and mix together.
    6. Set to refrigerante for a couple of hours. Serve cold.