• Easter in Bulgaria

    Posted on May 1, 2012 by in Celebrations, Easter

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    The circle of life… It seems only yesterday when my grandparents where roasting an Easter lamb in the clay oven of the neighbors. We did not have an oven of our own, yet the neighbors were always happy to oblige, sharing life together in the good days and the bad days, in the little things and the big things in life. Women busy in the house, men busy in the garden. Women preparing the food, men preparing the oven. Sacredly divided, yet unanimously one. Little has changed, yet all is different. By brother has proudly grown up into the leading man preparing the Easter lamb today, following the traditional notes of my grandmother’s recipe. I am following my mother’s every step in the kitchen, trying to lighten her burden, but before I even turn, my lovely one is already there offering a hand in everything she does. He enjoys breaking the rules, he enjoys showing that he cares. Isn’t this what the Easter celebration is all about, beneath the layers of tradition, beyond the workload burden of stress, to sit together with the ones we care and love, not simply because this is how it has been done for generations, but because we choose to, and we want to, and we hope to … for all the future to come?

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