• Easter Sunday in Belgium

    Posted on April 22, 2012 by in Celebrations, Easter, Recipes

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    Spring 2_600The near-by cathedral bells begin to ring… One, by one, their song is echoed by the other churches and in a moment the entire city resonates the sound – “Rejoice! He is risen!”. I ask my lovely fifteen year old, if she knows the significance of the Easter Day and she shyly responds with a “No”, referring only to the popular well know legendary tradition in the country, to celebrate on this day the little Easter Bunny who has come during the night and together with the cathedral bells has scattered chocolate eggs all over the garden. I am encouraged to explain what Easter means to me, and we are quickly swallowed into a deeper conversation that will hopefully leave a mark in her heart and encourage her one day to seek the meaning for herself.

    Despite the deeper meaning, Easter is not Easter without the celebratory feast and for this year’s festive menu I have drawn inspiration from the classic Belgian dishes I have seen being prepared by my mother-in-law, and while faithfully following some of the traditional recipes I have managed to naughtily add an unconventional twist to the rest, slightly refreshing them and transforming them to my taste.

    Easter Sunday Lunch Menu