• The Websites

    Posted on February 20, 2012 by in Culinary Professionals, Recommended

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    Websites 3

    They are easily accessible:

    • Friday afternoon in the office wondering about the weekend menu
    • on the iPad in the kitchen, following a recipe with an easy gliding finger scrolling
    • just copy a link and a recipe is shared on Facebook, twitter, my mother’s or my best friend’s e-mail account
    • just search on a key word and hundreds of suggestions ease your way in narrowing down the perfect recipe

    They are are a never ending source of vivid variation:

    • weekly recipe update
    • seasonal food celebration
    • Christmas home-made cooking gifts inspirations

    They are a memory keeper:

    • no need to tenaciously copy the best ever chocolate cake recipe in your never-knowing-where-to-find recipe notebook
    • they are always there just a click away from wherever in the world you may need them

    They are many:

    • From my favorite iPad apps to my favorite bookmarked websites
    • and as all true love stories, I stick to the ones that really touch my soul and heart with ever present beauty and delight

    My favorite recipe websites: