• The TV Presentations

    Posted on February 20, 2012 by in Culinary Professionals, Recommended

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    There is nothing more relaxing then coming home from an intensive day at work, and after the dinner, the evening conversation about what has happened through the day to relax in the sofa letting your mind and soul rest through an entertaining TV program. The beauty of it, is that our intellectual and emotional interests overlap, complete and enrich one another. Our evening “vijf minutjes” vary between films, documentaries, TV presentations about science, art, antiques, psychology, world travel, music, inferior design and lately, quite frequently about food.


    There was noting conspicuous at the start. One evening completely by chance we stumbled upon the BBC Master chef TV competition. And then, my entire world started to change. Food became all about combination of flavors, texture, color, a balance of a beautiful display. It became an enjoyment and passion, artistic exhibit of creativity but most of all it became an act of love. It is astonishing how much a person can learn and be inspired to venture on a life-long adventure in this endless culinary universe simply by watching TV.


    Master Chef has opened my world to culinary self-expression. Jamie Oliver has painted my every-day home cooking. Nigella Lawson has casted all shyness away from the kitchen, bringing femininity and passion. Raymon Blanc has revealed the secrets of the professional michelin star kitchens, showcasing fresh local products as the essence of every good meal and inducing in me an undeniable confidence that everyone, even I, can cook.

    My favourite TV Cooking Shows:

    • BBC Master Chef
    • Raymond Blanc The very hungry Frenchman
    • Lorraine Pascale Baking Made Easy
    • BBC The Great British Menu
    • BBC The Great British Bake off