• Moroccan Breakfast

    Posted on February 19, 2012 by in Food&Travel

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    M Breakfast Riad Luna

    Roof terrace. Sunny embrace. Quiet morning. And the world is hidden beneath a roof top horizon. Our Moroccan hostess is stepping lightly, caring a tray of food and greeting us generously with a smile. The day begins, not yet inclined to reveal its mysteries, delighted at our eager anticipation, but like a welcoming host as well, it is inviting us to follow with a vivid gesture. And we are ready to follow, wherever the day may lead. Through the colourful souks, through the dusty roads, through the crowds of warm hearted people, through the age old history of the old medina. But before we start, our senses are bathed with sumptuous delights: fresh orange juice, mint tea, Moroccan pancakes, flat bread, eucalyptus honey, orange marmalade, dates, home made yogurt. A heart-warming breakfast for a heart-warmth seeking traveller.