• La vita è un carnevale
    Spring time carnival celebrations with irresistable slated Rolo chocolate brownies. Hmm..what a temptation!
  • Apple Pie
    Delicious Pink Lady Apple Pie with lemon juice, cinnamon and almond flakes.
  • Valentine Parkin
    Gingerbread discovery during exquisite dinning in the Northall Restaurant at the Corinthia Hotel in London.
  • Indonesian Food in Amsterdam
    Delicious and refreshing, an oasis of calm in a historic city rich with culture and full with modern life.
  • Christmas Star Cookies
    It is Christmas again. I close my eyes and all that I could see is my mother in the kitchen baking these cookies.
  • Aphrodite Hills
    A holiday to remember. A land to visit. Delicious food to discover. Cyprus awaits...
  • Rosemary Garlic Bread
    The perfect companion to a summer barbecue, roasted vegetables and chilled, sweet and fruity chardonnay.
  • Swirling caramel apple tarts
    So delicious & so easy to make... The perfect lazy Sunday afternoon dessert.
  • Sweet 16 Cup Cakes
    Tips on how to bake the cup cakes in a perfect shape
  • Weekend in Aachen
    Ancient history, baroque architecture, cosy restaurants, classic music entertainment, flower markets, antique markets, delicious coffee and cakes… and beauty and peacefulness and magic.
  • American pancakes
    A generous spoon of Golden Syrup and the taste is absolutely divine.
  • Apple Cake Secrets
    Link lady apples, brown sugar, cinnamon, vanilla and... love, lots and lots of love.
  • Moroccan Breakfast
    A heart-warming breakfast for a heart warmth seeking traveller.
  • Crete - a memory
    Has it really been so long? The last time I have tasted this simple, yet full of flavour, peasant dish I must have been no more then 5-6 years old.
  • Summer Heat Picnic
    Every year, when the summer heat comes to town, we take our bikes and ride to a secluded paradise. A bottle of white wine, a few picnic delights, bagminton and frisbee... and the fun begins.
  • Soaked in honey
    Summer holiday in Antalya. Delicious food, amazing hotel, beautiful blue sea side and long nights of dancing!
  • Turkish Delights
    Windows shopping for Turkish delights - sweet, rich, succulent... simply irresistible!
  • New York Cheesecake
    Deliciously smooth and creamy, yet still biscuit crunchy and nutty. Hmm... its the perfect cheesecake.
  • La cucina Italiana
    Isn't it amazing how we all wish we could take all of Italy home with us?

Favorite Recipe

Upside down caramelised pear cake - Sweet and velvety caramel and soft and melting pears. Yes, its official. This is indeed a marriage made in heaven.

Cooking Lessons

Vietnamese food… So fresh, so fragrant, so delicious! I fell it love with its unique flavour many years ago while visiting a renown restaurant in Brussels called Little Asia. What a pleasure to be able to follow cooking lessons and learn the secrets of this world celebrated cuisine by the restaurant's charming hostess and one of the best chefs in town - Quyen.


Cheese & wine party - What a better way of making simple food entertainment great, than offering an unsophisticated flavour rich combination of soft and juicy grapes, dry and salty cheese, soft and mellow brie, crispy crust French baguettes and deep and spicy red Australian shiraz?

Food & Travel

Paris and the sweet fragrant macaroon creations of Maison Ladurée. One bite, and we could taste the difference – hard and crunchy shells carefully hiding soft and creamy almond paste inside. We share secret smiles, savouring the moment, wishing to become as artful and experienced and able to recreate these small delights at home one day.

“There is no spectacle on earth more appealing than that of a beautiful woman in the act of cooking dinner for someone she loves.” T.Wolfe