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Favorite Recipe

Whether we are extravagant with exuberant bouquets of red roses, delicious gourmet dinners or little signs of affection like home made coconut pink cookie hearts, all that really matters is our hearts reaching the other’s with this unspeakably beautiful mystery called Love.

Cooking Lessons

Vietnamese food… So fresh, so fragrant, so delicious! I fell in love with its unique flavour many years ago while visiting a renown restaurant in Brussels called Little Asia. What a pleasure to be able to follow cooking lessons and learn the secrets of this world celebrated cuisine by the restaurant's charming hostess and one of the best chefs in town - Quyen.


Cheese & wine party - What a better way of making simple food entertainment great, than offering an unsophisticated flavour rich combination of soft and juicy grapes, dry and salty cheese, soft and mellow brie, crispy crust French baguettes and deep and spicy red Australian shiraz?

Food & Travel

Paris and the sweet fragrant macaroon creations of Maison Ladurée. One bite, and we could taste the difference – hard and crunchy shells carefully hiding soft and creamy almond paste inside. We share secret smiles, savouring the moment, wishing to become as artful and experienced and able to recreate these small delights at home one day.

“There is no spectacle on earth more appealing than that of a beautiful woman in the act of cooking dinner for someone she loves.” T.Wolfe